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Terrible game!

Too many ads!!! Randomly opens safari.

Deleting all this developers games that are just mediocre at best. While these are free to play, there is a constant barrage of ads to get through JUST to be able to play. Some of the ads will open up a tab in Safari and lead you to God knows where. Will NEVER download from this developer again. I discourage you from doing the same. Too many more games out there that are way better.


Ridiculous!!! You’re watching 30 Second ADS for a 3 second crash. NOT a good platform to get into the game. I immediately close the app and restart. Now I’m deleting the app even though it seems like it COULD be cool. They trashed it with CRAZYYY AMOUNTS of ads though.

It’s Okay...

Let me just start with this. The game is decent, and once you start playing, it’s hard to get off it. But one thing Ketchapp does in all of their games that annoys everything in me is this: They are so ad heavy it makes me sick. You can’t even play these kind of games because after nearly every round you have 20-30 seconds of pure ad. Almost EVERY time. Doesn’t take away from how good the app is, but come on. Let us play the game without 24/7 ads to make you money. Ads every once and awhile is one thing, but every round is another. So just be mindful before you start playing any of these games by Ketchapp, it will most definitely annoy you. I gave this game, and the rest of Ketchapps games a 3 star. The game is catchy. The ads aren’t. Thanks!


Many ads.

Good but

So I would be playing the game and it would just glitch! It would exit me out of the game,SO MUCH LAG! Besides that it is a little fun Edit: Oh and SOOOOOOO many Ads


THIS IS THE BEST GAME IVE PLAYED EVER (and I’ve played a loooot if games) good job ketchapp 😊

When you’re making an accelerator chain and then...

You die, run into a troll ramp and/or have slow fingers.


I love this game its so much fun❤️ And the levels get harder and harder and that’s why I love it!

Not so hard

Trick to this game is not trying to pass your opponents but competing the course and to achieve this you need to stay away from the boost arrows


Is bad don’t play👎🏻


This game is very fun however the difficulty is high

Sometimes it's freezing

Sometimes it's freezing while you playing. It's annoying

In the beginning it was fun but...

In the beginning it was really fun but now I dislike how you can’t go back to the tracks before. Like I accidentally skipped one bad I can’t go back and do it. Also I dislike how the blocks move and a different pace and how the track is always different if you are going to make levels make them harder don’t just add more balls into the mix it is dumb and incompetent.


I love this game

Please Read This!!!!!! 🙏

This game is kinda fun, but there are a few things they should change. 1. It is way to easy to pass the robot players, which is good. But, I think you should be able to play against real people too. 2. You can’t go back to levels. You just play on the really hard one you can’t pass. THAT IS NOT FUN. 3. You should be able to get a new color of your ball or something to keep me playing.

Eat my shorts



Its very relaxing calm enjoyable fun for all ages

All ads no gameplay

Tried the game twice but it was 5 seconds of play and 30-45 seconds of ads! Tried to play but didn’t have the time.

Long tracks

The tracks are so long, I get squished before I can go halfway!


It’s like your trying to make me hate the game.

I want to kill the ads

My 2 year old loves this darn game but the ads ruin it. Why can’t I find where to buy it and cancel out the ad.

Awesome but challenging

You know this was the first game on my phone and I totally sucked at playing it then I deleted it then I got it again and I am so much better but it is still hard but I enjoy it 🙂🙂🙂!!!



I wish

I wish you could go back to the last track




This app is so boring Hahahahaha boring I sed it boring boring boring 😝😝😝😒😒fine.This app isn’t boring but why?. Do you want to macke this game so hard usthar games are so esee.


I love this game so much I play it every night day

Too many ads!

Too many ads!


WTH if you play this game and actually win one race I congrat you because I ant even get fricken half way cause it’s rigged👎

Great game!

So good.a little hard when you first get the game.but other than that it’s is a great it!💗.l am obsessed with this game !😀😃😄😁

Really cool 😎 game

Oh this is an amazing game that I really love ❤️ This a five star ⭐️ game

Not good at all

I understand what the game is trying to do, but it is not good. The blocks come out of nowhere, and the moving ones follow you, or don’t move like a computer would. It’s like whoever made it hacked their own coding. It’s also a little unoriginal because there are about 30-40 ball on a track games out there. Plus the games asks too much for you to get in first and get to the end. I think at least with 40 balls and up you should only need to get in first. So this game was a failure for ketchapp and mempic studios (who the hell are they) and I think other reviewers that give this game good ratings clearly played it only once. You can’t even customize the ball! Pray for this game, maybe it’ll get good

I like it

I like it. Like the way it is put together but the commercials are kind of annoying. They are also really stupid.It was constantly asking me to write a review so I write a review about how many times it asks you to write a review. I like playing it is very addicting I also don’t like how when you go fast it always kills you. In conclusion, I really like this game and I would totally recommend buying it.

Bad review

Reviews bad because I have lost 50 times on level one I didn’t even mess up the phone and I was just sliding like I was in the front of the whole people and I was number one so I was at the finish line and then it said that I lost I live right from the finish line and then I was about to win but it didn’t work I did not win so I had to try again


My dad likes this. Enough said. (( good thing ))

Great game!!

I've been looking for games that are fast and fun, this is fun and it's fast. Love it!

Ad sell out

For me every time I start there is a 30 sec unskippable ad and after I die. Also while playing an ad will load in and it might cause you to die. This whole time it’s almost unplayable because 5 other ads are “on deck” so if you put it on airplane mode or lose any connection you can still have ads. This whole game was a sell out to their other games and with talentless design it makes a completely bad game!


Balls race is the game that relives stress for me. Also, it’s a race! Who doesn’t like races?



VERY GOOD GAME!!!!!!!!!!!

This game is so cool stop sending bad reviews!!!!

Ball Race

This is one of the best games ever I loved playing this, I can play alllll day long with no problem.

My goodness


Good game but

Add more content it gets boring fast and add customization

Very addicting!

I find the game fun but i wanted to know why there isn't an option to go back to a previous track

How great this game is

Hey there this game is so fun to play with it is a challenge to not bump into anything.

Video end cards won’t close

I’ve been served multiple videos by the company HeyZap that do not provide the ability to close the ad through an “x” option. Further, the entire end card is fully clickable. Doesn’t seem right to me.

No longer playing Ketchapp games

Due to the fact this and many of Ketchapp's games are meant to be impossible on the first level or first few minutes of playing, and the tons of ads bombarding mid-game, this game is just another embarrassing examples of how well known companies can pull an EA and go unnoticed.

I love bounty ball

And I love you the most

🙄🙄🙄😐😐😐😡😡😠😠😡😡 I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo mad

I is so hard to win and they did not make it clear the it would skip races so I hit that more than once and now I am on a track that I can’t even win

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