Balls Race App Reviews

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The game itself is a con

The moving blocks will track you based on your speed to always be “conveniently” where you are no matter what. They also do not move until you are close to them, then they move extremely fast into your path. The game will get cheap with you especially right before you get to the finish line just so you will watch their 30 second video to get an extra life so they can make money. The game by itself isn’t hard, but it uses cheap tricks and forces you to watch videos to give them money to win.

Needs More obstacles!

I love this game but it could be better. There are basically only three need to add more obstacles like trying to dodge balls for example.if u don’t add more obstacles it’s going to get it’s to easy to get past the other racers.


Too many ads


This app could’ve been amazing. It’s a great concept. However, this game is terrible. It’s unbelievably fast (the video the advertise is not sped up at all—if anything, it’s not as fast as the ball normally goes) and it’s incredibly difficult to navigate the course. There are moving blocks that have inconsistent movements and sometimes randomly stop. They are there same color/shape as the unmoving blocks, so you might be fooled into thinking a moving block (which is currently resting) is an unmoving block and get killed because of it. Even the first level is very difficult—it took me three days to just get past level one. The only way to improve your skill at this game & beat the level is with practice, which involves consistent and constant failure. And this is by no means an entertaining experience. Finally: because the course itself it so difficult—and navigating it is your main concern—all elements of racing are completely lost. Actually completing the level is more important placing first, which will probably happen anyway (because even the BOTS have trouble complete if the course and you are often the last/only one left standing). Please don’t waste storage space on this app, but, if you decide to get it anyway, write a review about your negative experience to prevent others from making the same mistakes as us. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Just fix it

The game would be so much fun if you could just race without having to worry about popping against a flat object. I say keep the boxes but don’t make them pop you bubble and then have to restart the whole darn race that’s just stupid. Also I think it’s stupid how you hit a block from the side and pop as if you smashed into it instead of just riding against it like what would actually happen. Also I don’t like how the other balls are ghosts. A few suggestions to make this game better: 1. Make the blocks slow you down not kill you 2. Make the balls able to fall off the edge and have to respawn at the back of the pack 3. Make the balls solid so you can smash others off the edge this will add a difficulty factor instead of having to not touch any obstacles


Covered in ads

the new cool

this game is the best. each level has more balls to race and each one gets more challenging.

Good but!!!

So many commercials, its a fast paced game . You die fast like twice and a commercial. Would be maybe cool if purchased. But kinda hard to tell .

Too many ads and lag

Too many ads that you can't even enjoy playing one level without having pop ups left and right... not to mention constant lagging that makes you hit blocks

Awesome game!

I absolutely love this game, it is a great way to spend time! The only problem is that it will glitch out a lot and kill me, or randomly pop up an add in the middle of a run. Other than that, it’s awesome!

Adds in the middle of the game !!

It’s a fun game and I understand I didn’t pay anything for it so there would be adds. It’s an over kill though when your PLAYING THE GAME and an add pops up because by the time you close out the add you already lost the game . Deleting this app .

Needs online

If i could play friends online this would be the most played game in the country

Balls Race

I really like this game! But i think there are ways it could be better! One thing that should be moderated if not taken away completely are the moving blocks. They are too difficult to maneuver around especially when each’s path is different. The game should be mainly about racing not just surviving the track. I think if moving blocks were taken away and replaced with still blocks, players could focus more on the racing aspect. Perhaps there could be an optional setting to turn moving blocks on or off. The second way to make this game better would be to make the other racers more realistic. This is just a small tweak, but i think it could make a huge difference. Most other balls just move straight until coming up on a block, and by the time you finish the track, you’re usually the only one left. Right now, most of the games difficulty comes from the track and not the other players, but i think if the CPUs were better, it would be more fun and realistic as a racing game Overall balls race is a racing game, not just a single player track game. If i wanted a one player game with difficult tracks, i would play Fast Track. This game’s racing aspect makes it more original, and i think if the game’s difficulty came more from racing opponents and less about surviving, the game could be much improved! Thank you!

Free, Easy, addictive

Just started playing this game. i am on level 3 and have been so for 2 days. Its an easy game where I don't have to pay for upgrades and can play on my downtime. It is a little challenging but here its free...



Annoying ads

Toooooooo many ads

No reason

There is no pattern so no way to win unless ads or reflexes and no point!

Needs improvements

Don't get me wrong, the game is fun, but I dislike how whenever I hit a block, I die. Instead, it would be great if it would slow you down. Also, you should be able to earn coins during the race which later allows you to buy different colored balls. You should also be able to select which race track you want. These things would make the game more enjoyable for me ✨😄


Ssucks alot of Ads!!!!!!!

Good game

It’s a good game but sometimes when I play it goes in slow-mo mode or something and I can’t concentrate

Some glitches and things I wanna add

First of all whenever I spawn I’m always faster than everyone else like I got a little boost. The second thing I realized is that I always spawn at the back, even when I try with other devices it still sends me to the back, I noticed the same thing with the first one. I would really like it if we could create groups and our own maps that friends and other people could test out. Next I would like to say that when I die the other balls seem to stop? And when we’re near a moving block they seem to get stuck? I don’t know if this is a glitch or if it was on purpose but I would really like to create groups and if your a person from a different state and can’t understand you can decide the language and we can chat. I would really appreciate if you’d add this and if they were added BEFORE I probably would have enjoyed it much more. And the opponents sorta act like robots? But anyway I’d love it if you did add these.


This game is pretty much impossible. I am on the second track and can’t get past it.

Good game, here's my opinions.

I actually really enjoy playing the game, and if you're wondering no. That is the speed of the game, you would get used to it after 2-4 games. My opinions on where you should take this game is multiplayer or just playing with people. I'm pretty sure people know the balls around you are computers. It would be harder, and more addicting with actual people. Maybe even a leaderboard, telling you the best 10 in your state/country etc. Also, customization! You can't customize your ball, after a while it gets pretty boring with just a plain white ball. Also, you can make a Easy, Medium or hard mode. One last thing you could add is new courts. The court you play on is very plain. Maybe adding a jungle, winter, summer etc for a background with decorations that suit the theme would be nice. Overall, pretty decent game. 7/10

Awful game

Too frustrating

Not your best

I am normally a fan of your games but this one has tons and tons of issues. The game constantly freezes and this should not be a problem because I have the IPhone 8+, and this will have to be fixed for me to further play the game, also I HATE the perspective you should tilt it up cause I can’t stand it. That’s all I have to say, fix your crappy game!!

I agree

I like a good challenge but I could only complete one course and I had to watch and ad to revive. Those blocks are like so annoying!!! I can’t get past anything with those in the way. Maybe do me a favor and help a girl out will ya? 🤨



Stupid Game

This game is good kinda. I downloaded cause it was an ad and I thought it would be fun but it pisses me off every time I play this stupid game. The blocks are the most stupidest ever and they basically force you to use those booster things because if you don’t you fall behind it’s so stupid. I’m not even asking to fix because I’m deleting this dumb app.


Best game ever !

So No

this game is miserably awful and deserves to be completely and entirely downtrodden by the entirety of the population of the global community.




Great game 4 people who like to b mad all the time. U die by going near a block and random blocks spawn in front of u and the first place ball is and will always be faster than the highest ball speed. Dis only happens after 1st lvl.>:( Why make a game where u can’t Evan go a couple lvls without dying 5, 10 many Evan over 9000 times IN A ROW!?!

There is no way to go to previous levels

Accidentally skipped level 4 and tried going back, but it wouldn’t let me. There are only a few buttons in the pause menu and none of them let you see the overall levels or the previous levels. This is personally ruining the game for those that enjoy completely finishing a game.

Balls race

It really good but could u Chang the color and shape of the balls of your choice


After u go to the next round ur not allowed to go back to the other levels.😶😶😶😦😦😦

It’s survives off of ads that Pop up mid game

To many ads but that’s how this add will only live on is all the tons & tons of ads

Great Idea, Poorly Executed

The game’s concept is great. There are a few major issues. It lags which makes the game confusing with the speed. Most importantly, the ads appear mid race making it impossible to see the game and where you’re going

Ads are terrible

The game is almost unplayable with the amount of ads and how often they pop up


It’s a cool game that could use a few improvements but the only real problem I have with it is the lag. The first time I downloaded the game I didn’t even play it for 5 seconds when it froze! I had to exit out of the game and re-enter before the lag was removed. And the next few games I played were still laggy so I couldn’t take it anymore and deleted the game😐

Fire game

I like it because I am really good at racing games.

Soooo hard

This game is sooooooooooooooo hard and is super dumb don’t waste your time on this dumb game I’m being 100% honest do not get this game 🤬😡😢😖😫☹️😟🙁😔😒😞🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Stupid app..... I always die when I hit a block.

Ok.....Listen.This STUPID app is a waste of time and all your doing is racing. Well.....I mean racing is fun.....but it’s not how it was. The update came FINALLY!!! So, I updated the game and now it is really a STUPID app. Before the update it was really much better!!!! No blocks!! (This is before the update) No blocks!!! I liked the game and played almost everyday!!! But.....then the update came and all these blocks were in the game. (This is the update) Anyway, it is a hard & fun game. But, since the update came, I deleted the game.


The game could be a really fun game but it glitches really bad while you’re in the middle of racing, or the ads pop up out of no where in the middle and make you lose

Bad! Very Bad

Very because the have lot of adds and you have no option to pay and remove the adds

Troll game👹... You have a better chance at winning the lottery😂

Datlilmiss2’s review is 100% spot on👌🏾..... I think this is a troll game🤦🏾‍♂️


The moving blocks are annoying and the other balls seem to teleport from side to side. Ok game but not good enough

Such a good game!!

Great game just let players be able to change tracks if they want to!

Ball race

Ball race is the best game I ever played in life (so far)


I love the gameplay


It’s fun I like it I love playing this app!

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